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10 Nov 2011

Winter is here....

At the Plumbing College we are well aware that winter is here and the freezing temperatures are not too far away! For this reason it is important that you prepare your home for the colder weather, especially your plumbing.

If you leave your water pipes unprotected, you run the risk of them freezing when the temperatures inevitably drop.  Imagine waking up on a frosty, cold morning and having no hot water - not exactly an ideal situation for anyone. 

Not only would you have to deal with this inconvenience but neglecting your plumbing in the winter can also lead to a variety of unwanted costs - costs that can easily be avoided by taking some simple precautions. 

If you spend a little money now, before your pipes freeze, you can help avoid the problems and the potential bill. Insulate exposed pipes with some suitable foam insulation and replace all old style felt lagging checking that all joints and bends are covered too.

You could also get into the habit of checking all your taps, washers and cisterns and if you have the know-how, fix dripping taps and any faulty ball floats in your toilet cistern. 

If these measures are not taken and a pipe bursts, the cost can be much more than you ever expected.  Cleanup costs from water damage can run into thousands of pounds.  Also, if you are unlucky enough to have a pipe burst while you are not home, there is a good chance you will have significant damage from flooding.

During their studies, students enrolled on one of our plumbing courses will be taught general plumbing maintenance to help avoid these situations arising.  Should you require any more information on any of plumbing courses we offer then please contact our Student Support team on 0800 032 2452 or email info@plumbingcourse.org.uk


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The Staff at The Plumbing College were very polite, helpful and professional. The course has helped me extensively as i am about to become a self employed plumber and have some jobs already lined up! Thank you.

Student - David M (Matlock, Derbyshire)

The course on a whole was excellent, the books and practicals really helped me. The course has been really beneficial, THANK YOU!

Student - Steven B (Chesterfield)

The course has given me a good knowledge on how to handle plumbing works which will help me in the future to better my career.

Student - Victor E (Nottingham)